Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage: A Biblical Perspective


In the 21st century the institution of marriage is not as respected as it once was, therefore divorce and remarriage are widespread. With this deterioration throughout the world, understanding the issues related to marriage, divorce and remarriage is necessary. This is especially true for church leaders who proclaim truth from the Bible, declaring God’s standards of what is right and wrong, true and false, acceptable and unacceptable. Understanding and teaching these truths is therefore vital in educating the members of their churches as a preventative measure, protecting them from the devastating consequences of divorce and remarriage.

The purpose of this book is threefold: 1) to define marriage from a biblical perspective in a time when attempts are being made to redefine and degrade it; 2) to discuss divorce and its implications in a time when divorce rates in some countries are 50% per capita or higher; and 3) to reexamine the issue surrounding, and the ramifications pertaining to remarriage in a time when multiple marriages are a common and universal practice.

The issues pertaining to divorce and remarriage are extremely complicated and multifaceted; therefore the goal of this work is to make the presentation of the subject matter comprehensive, yet helpful and easy to understand and apply.

The first edition of this book was translated by Christian Lingua into Farsi. You can find it at the Farsi resource section.

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