Welcome to Hillebrand Ministries

Randy and Annette Hillebrand are involved in training church leaders and women. They live in Ukraine and sometimes travel to other countries to do this. Randy’s focus is helping church leaders and/or church planters rethink church issues. The goal is to have them take a critical look at their current church or future church plant, reexamining, reevaluating and then revamping as needed. His goal is to help them look at the Scriptures afresh to determine if biblical truth or tradition has the greatest influence in their churches. On this website you can download for free the books he has written for teaching, “Building a Dynamic Church,” and, “Evangelism: How to Mobilize Your Church,” plus others in English, Russian, French, Farsi and Burmese.

Annette’s goal in teaching women/pastors’ wives is to help them understand their role as wives of church leaders. In her training sessions she covers topics such as dealing with the physical demands of ministry, forgiving others, dealing with loneliness, four models for marriage, maintaining your marriage, being a good mother, hospitality, money matters, discipling and counseling women, the spiritual disciplines, etc. She has developed many of her lessons using the book, “One with a Shepherd,” by Mary Somerville.