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Our Ministry

Our family moved to Kiev, Ukraine, on July 18, 2001. The first two years were spent in formal study of the Russian language, during which time we also began to learn about and participate in the Ukrainian culture. Currently, we continue to study Russian part-time in an informal setting.

In October 2003, Randy was appointed to serve as the Assistant to the President of Kiev Christian University (KCU). In this position he assisted the president in directing the affairs of the university. Together they worked to develop KCU into an institution that would facilitate the training of students from the countries of the former Soviet Union. A new curriculum was written, the school was reorganized and restructured, and its academic standards were raised. Randy also taught two courses at the university.

Once KCU had a qualified Ukrainian team in place and things running smoothly, Randy was able to focus on his purpose for coming to Ukraine, that of pastoral training. This has been his desire since shortly after salvation in the early 1980's. In 1994, Randy made his first trip to Ukraine with a group of pastors and while on that trip his passion for this ministry was once again revived. Then in 1996, he was able to go to Russia to train men for two weeks who were preparing to be pastors and missionaries. The following two weeks he spent in Ukraine working alongside of a Ukrainian church planter. This too helped him focus on what God was calling him to do in the future.

To fulfill Randy's purpose, he began a ministry called, "Dynamic Church of Eurasia." He then wrote a book entitled, “Building a Dynamic Church,” which has been translated into the Russian language. This manual is a practical ecclesiology with an application section for most of the chapters. The goal of this book is to help church leadership reexamine their ministry in light of the Scriptures, asking themselves the question, “Why do we do what we do?” The material can also be used to train church planters and cross-cultural missionaries. His desire is to see it used in the 15 countries of the former Soviet Union. This book has been translated into Russian, French, Farsi and Burmese, and has been downloaded for in many countries from the internet. As the Lord opens opportunities, Randy uses his manual to teach in the countries of Eurasia (the former Soviet Union). Randy has written three other books, the second one titled, "Evangelism: How to Mobilize Your Church.” The focus of this book is to help church leaders prepare their churches to be involved in evangelism. The third book is, "Persecution: A Biblical Perspective," which was written to help the persecuted church. The fourth book, "Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage: A Biblical Perspective" was recently completed. The original audience for this book was Eurasia, though the hope is that it will be used around the world. All of Randy's books are in Englsih, Russian, French and Farsi. Three of these books can be downloaded at this website at the “Resource” link.

Annette’s ministry consists of providing Christian resources to women for use in their ministries. This includes purchasing many requested resources for home Bible studies, evangelistic outreaches, tracts, Bibles, DVDs and books for lending libraries, as well as magazine subscriptions.

She has also taught English for several years as an outreach in our church. Currently Annette has a teaching ministry to pastors’ wives and other women using lessons based upon the book, “One With a Shepherd,” by Mary Somerville. The lessons focus on marriage, money, forgiveness, hospitality, and discipling women to name just a few. She also offers Christian books for sale during her seminars.